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Collective Beer Project is a dynamic and innovative digital craft brewery launched in April 2024 with a mission to bring something fresh to the beer industry through community involvement and creative collaboration. We partner with the best breweries around the country to put our community at the heart of the brewing process, allowing our members to actively participate in the creation of our beers.

Through our free Mash Pass membership, we invite beer enthusiasts to vote on key aspects such as beer styles, flavor profiles, names, and can artwork, ensuring that every brew is a true creation of our collective spirit.


At Collective Beer Project, we believe that beer is more than just a beverage—it’s a community experience. We make creating craft beer accessible and enjoyable for everyone. For more information, visit our website at Collective Beer Project and follow us on Instagram @collectivebeer.

Collective Beer Project
Collective Beer Project
Collective Beer Project
Collective Beer Project
Collective Beer Project
Collective Beer Project

Collective Beer Project


Introducing Limelight, Collective Beer Project’s first collaboration with Bronx Brewery, a vibrant Golden Ale with a refreshing twist of Calamansi Lime.

This light and invigorating brew is perfect for any occasion, combining the classic smoothness of a Golden Ale with the unique citrusy zing of Calamansi Lime.

Crafted with the collective input of our community through four key votes, Limelight represents the essence of collaboration and creativity. The can art, designed by The Bronxer, a local Bronx artist, features his character “Beep” and captures the lively spirit and dynamic energy of this exceptional brew. Enjoy Limelight and step into the summer shine with every sip.

  • Style: Golden Ale
  • Flavor Profile: Calamansi Lime
  • Name: Limelight
  • Can Art: Designed by The Bronxer

Experience the vibrant taste of community spirit and creativity with Limelight, and celebrate the collaborative journey of Collective Beer Project and Bronx Brewery.

** Please Note: $35 order minimum required. **

*** Limelight is currently in production and will arrive to you early June. Check your order confirmation email for shipping updates closer to time. ***

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