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Ohio Oktoberfest 2021: The Fall Craft Beer Season Begins

Ohio Oktoberfest 2021: The Fall Craft Beer Season Begins

Before the temperatures cool, the leaves fall, and football teams are in mid-year form, Ohio’s Oktoberfest marks the beginning of the fall craft beer season. Brew masters throughout the Midwest are busy refining this year’s collection of amber-red ales.

For the team at RivalryBrews.com, it kicks off the beginning of a strong sales and delivery period. In the firm’s inaugural 2020 season, the online craft beer delivery site hit it’s highest traffic and sales cycle during the month of October. The platform saw a 520% traffic increase from the prior month, and began what was a fast-paced timeline of heavy craft beer coming in, and boxes of Ohio’s best Oktoberfest beer shipping out.

“We didn’t know what to expect,” said Adam Esker, RivalryBrews.com Managing Partner. “All we knew is people love craft beer. And with the pandemic… people were at home. October was huge. It was our highest month to date.”

Ohio Oktoberfest 2021 - Fall Craft Beer - Masthead Brewing Company - Madtree Brewing

Oktoberfest Pre-Orders – The Taste Of Ohio

The company is busy preparing for the 2021 Oktoberfest run, and currently they are accepting pre-orders for their collection of Ohio’s Best Oktoberfest & Pumpkin Craft Beers. The custom collection is neatly packaged with fresh product, properly sealed and protected, and available to be direct shipped to fulfill online orders.

The 2021 Oktoberfest Collection includes 12 Ohio craft beers from Rivalry Brews' select partners, including several “top rated” breweries. The scheduled line-up for this year’s craft beer boxes include:

  • Haunted Hayride Pumpkin Ale - Masthead Brewing
  • Proast - Twin Oast Brewing
  • Ignite The Jack-O-Lantern - Ignite Brewing
  • Rockin' The Rhein - Fretboard Brewing
  • Festbier - Saucy Brew Works
  • Oktoberfest - Blue Heron Brewing
  • Pumpcan Spiced Ale - MadTree Brewing

The Oktoberfest collection is a great addition to an upcoming football tailgate party, as a birthday or special occasion gift, or just a way to send “a bit of back home” to a former buckeye state resident who has since relocated. Esker expects this year’s sales to be significantly strong, and encourages craft beer fans to submit requests early. Orders received by August 31 should expect delivery of their package by mid September.


It’s Tradition - “Bavaria, Bands, and Brews”

Origins of the Oktoberfest season date back several hundred years in Munich, Bavaria, according to beerconnoisseur.com. The event began originally on October 12, 1810 as a festival honoring the marriage of Kronprinz Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The following year, the event was moved up several weeks to allow for more optimal weather conditions.

The 16-day celebration is highlighted by civic and community gatherings, German-heritage music, and tapping of the much anticipated Oktoberfest beer. Traditionally speaking, the dark-colored lagers were brewed in March to about 5.5 – 6% ABV, and slowly seasoned during the summer months to allow the rich malt flavor to develop. Today’s brews often carry a golden color, with each Ohio brew master crafting their own unique flavor.


Ohio Oktoberfest – Our Brewery Partners

The breweries represented in the 2021 RivalryBrews.com Oktoberfest collection are located throughout Ohio, and offer the opportunity for passionate fans to visit (and in a few cases tour) some of their favorite brands. For more on our brewery partners, see:


Ordering Craft Beer From RivalryBrews.com

Today, RivalryBrews.com represents nearly 30 custom craft breweries throughout Ohio, and ships to customers in 41 states. In the past 12-month period (August 2020 – July 2021), the online platform served 18,340 user sessions. While Ohio remains its strongest market (yes, Ohioans love Ohio craft beer!), Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, and Virginia round out the top five in total traffic.

In addition to the Oktoberfest collection, Rivalry Brews offers several customer package and gift options:

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